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When the pandemic hit, we knew that many IT Ops teams were working from home. We designed the BigPanda 90-day AIOps accelerator program to provide a solution for those who needed remote access to their monitoring, observability, change and topology solutions. The program has been so successful, we have continued to offer it.

The BigPanda 90-day AIOps accelerator program gives IT Ops teams rapid access to the BigPanda platform for 90 days, free with no obligation to buy later.

Here’s what you get:

  • 90-day no cost/no obligation access to BigPanda's core platform for Event Correlation and Automation, which includes full event correlation capabilities
  • Out-of-the-box integrations for a selection of critical applications and business services you are running
  • A rapid and incredible onboarding experience
  • Free support for 90 days
  • Free training for your team (in a virtual classroom setting)

The qualification process is quick and simple. Please fill out this form to be contacted by a BigPanda representative.

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BigPanda Autonomous Operations Overview

BigPanda allows you to resolve incidents quickly and easily in real-time, and drive IT Ops performance using reports and analytics.