AIOps now: doing more with less and doing it better

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The data tsunami isn’t the only flood rushing for ITOps. Cloud migration and post-migration performance, a shortage of IT talent, and legacy systems are just a few challenges overwhelming today’s IT professionals.

In a world of more data and less hands to sort it, BigPanda Incident Intelligence and Automation, powered by AIOps, is the automation engine companies need.

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) surveyed 1,000 global IT leaders for their report “AIOps now: doing more with less and doing it better.” The report found that AIOps’ reduces outages, major incidents, and associated costs, responds to security threats in less time, and decreases MTTR incidents.

Email alerts, notifications, and tickets can stack up quickly no matter how big or small your company is. With specialists and toolsets siloed, resolving mundane tasks becomes daunting. AIOps can be your first step to a proactive solution.

Wherever AIOps is implemented, EMA concludes, operational excellence follows.