Reduce mean-time-to-act by tracing alerts through their lifecycle

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On-demand webinar
Duration: 45 minutes

Moderator: Anirban Chatterjee, Senior Director of Product Marketing, BigPanda

Guest: Jason Walker, Chief Technology Officer, BigPanda

The sheer volume of events from monitoring tools inundating IT teams is one of the biggest contributors to long mean-time-to-act (MTTA). As a result, issues often go unnoticed until users are impacted, resulting in costly service disruptions that could have been avoided if resolved earlier. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how AIOps can reduce long outages and cascading impacts caused by delayed MTTA.

BigPanda CTO Jason Walker, with years of experience running the global network operations center (GNOC) at Blizzard Entertainment, will share his expertise in tracing alerts from initial trigger to final outcome to improve actionability across multiple sources. With the right AIOps solution, organizations can quickly optimize their operations pipeline and increase alert actionability for everyone from ITOps to SRE’s, DevOps, and other engineers.

Using actionability as the core performance metric allows everyone to evaluate the relative value of any given alert in the same way. Walker will show how a data-driven approach to event deduplication, filtering, enrichment, correlation, routing, and triage will maximize alert actionability and minimize noise, improving MTTA consistently.

The Speakers

Anirban Chatterjee

Senior Director of Product Marketing, BigPanda

Jason Walker

Chief Technology Officer, BigPanda