Bridging Observability and AIOps: the fast and easy way

Duration: 30 minutes

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Observability is a crucial part of the ITOps world, but observability tools generate a massive volume of low-quality, noisy data that can overwhelm your ITOps, NOC and SRE teams - and stop them from effectively preventing and resolving outages.

Data Engineering from BigPanda can help solve this problem. By unifying, cleaning and enriching your observability data, BigPanda’s new Data Engineering capability can make your observability data actionable, unlock the full value of your observability tools, and help your teams prevent and resolve outages at scale.

BigPanda’s VP of Product Marketing Mohan Kompella as well as our RVP of Sales Engineering Ken Serembus discuss the exciting features of this new capability to better assist our customers.

Some of this webinar will cover important aspects of this new offering including:

  • Easy integrations. Tools with no need for complex custom code make it easy to ingest observability data from any enterprise tool.
  • Normalization. Recasts heterogeneous data from different observability tools into a single, consistent format to make it easy to extract insights.
  • Seamless noise filtering. Out-of-the-box deduplication and noise filtering eliminates false positives and benign events.
  • Enrichment at scale. Enriching events adds contextual data such as location, host or affected service to increase the quality of alerts.
  • First pane of glass. Eliminates the need for teams to switch between different tool consoles to catch problems.
  • Interactive dashboards. Alert and tool-quality dashboards make it easy for ITOps teams and leaders to assess alert quality and the value of different observability sources.

The Speakers

Mohan Kompella

VP, Product Marketing

Ken Serembus

Regional Vice President
Sales Engineering at BigPanda