2023 ITOps Budgeting to Win: Use New Research-Based Outage Cost Data

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Duration: 45 minutes

It’s that time of year when ITOps leaders quantify their plans in budgets that must compete with other equally hungry groups for limited corporate resources. How can the thankless task of proactively preventing outages and speeding time to resolution win against funding flashier projects?

Real-world facts can make that difference.

Justifying investments in ITOps tooling, headcount, and workflows takes solid, industry-vetted data. Leading IT research firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) conducted in-depth research with 300+ IT leaders in North America and EMEA to provide BigPanda with a detailed, 360-degree picture of the modern outage on average and according to company size.

Join IT veterans Valerie O’Connell, EMA Research Director, and Mohan Kompella, BigPanda’s VP of Product Marketing, to get the results from this research-based data, including the cost of outages, their frequency and duration, leading causes, and effective measures against them.

This informative event also covers:

  • Surprising results and practical insights from the research.
  • Findings that will help organizations successfully build and defend their 2023 ITOps budget for investments in tooling, headcount, and workflow improvements.

The Speakers

Mohan Kompella

VP of Product Marketing,

Valerie O’Connell

Research Director