Infographic: The cost of an IT outage

In ITOps, events can escalate rapidly. A series of incidents can compound and quickly lead to a costly outage. The question is, how costly and what can you do to prevent it from happening?

BigPanda retained Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) to dig into the true cost of an outage. EMA surveyed 300 IT leaders and found that outages, on average, cost an organization $12,900 per minute. Surprisingly, lost revenue represents only a small part of the cost. The survey found that business disruption, loss of employee productivity and data breach/regulatory exposure were the costliest aspects.

These were just some of the many insights the EMA report uncovered. We've compiled many of the study’s data into a helpful infographic you can now download.

Although it might sometimes seem like there’s little you can do until an outage strikes, you can proactively work to prevent it through strategic AIOps. AIOps can anticipate the potential escalation of small incidents and help you stop outages from happening.