AIOps in healthcare: a deep dive

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The pandemic shaped the way IT in healthcare is operating, from the need to develop a vaccine to the systems required to advance it and deliver important healthcare options. Data must be available in seconds for doctors to make life-saving decisions for patients, and the stakes have never been higher for IT service management in healthcare who must provide a high degree of dependability. As the landscape of healthcare constantly changes, the approach to IT Ops needs to be just as flexible and agile.

After all, great healthcare starts with great IT.

In this live webinar, we’ll be covering:

  • The changing landscape of healthcare IT due to COVID-19
  • How access to care is affected by IT
  • The affect IT service management has on predictability in service and user experience improvements

You will hear from our own Mohan Kompella, senior director of product marketing at BigPanda and Vinod Subramanian, chief data and product development officer at Syapse, a real-world evidence company working with health systems and life sciences, about what works and doesn’t work in healthcare IT Ops.

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The Speakers

Mohan Kompella

VP, Product Marketing, BigPanda

Vinod Subramanian

Chief Data and Product Development Officer, Syapse