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Whiskey and wisdom - a peer-to-peer event for IT Ops leaders

This event has been ended!

Save the date: Our next Whiskey and Wisdom meeting is taking place on Thursday, September 29, 2022 at 2:00pm PT / 5:00pm ET.

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About Whiskey and Wisdom: a forum for IT Ops leaders

These days, it feels like there are communities for everyone, for every interest, every hobby – take, for example, the Birds With Arms community with more than 60,000 members who photoshop arms onto birds.

However (until now), one didn’t exist for IT Ops professionals who want to network with their peers, share ideas, and have a little fun in the process.

When we made that discovery, we figured it was time to create one: introducing Whiskey and Wisdom, a closed forum for IT Ops leaders.

You are invited to join this community and shape the conversation. Here are a few things we thought you would want to know:

  • Each month, the Whiskey and Wisdom forum will focus on topics that matter to this group.
  • Based on the topics, we will invite speakers to provide their perspectives and experiences – and we believe that will spark conversation from other forum members
  • We have asked IT expert, Charles Araujo, to moderate the conversation. He will be there to spark ideas, bridge perspectives, and keep discussions lively and on track
  • The events will not be recorded, and nothing said within the walls of the Whiskey and Wisdom forum will be shared externally
  • We mentioned whiskey – and yes, each month, we will send out a bottle of premium, small batch whiskey to everyone in the forum…if you aren’t a fan of whiskey, we can send something else for you to enjoy during the event!
  • You don’t have to come every month, but we are going to work hard to make this something you want to do!
  • The forum will be virtual for now, with the hope that we can bring everyone together in person…down the road
  • This is not a gimmick, a sales pitch or vendor presentation – BigPanda is organizing the forum but will not be defining the agenda or speaking