How to start your AIOps journey in the right place

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Each time you blink, the IT infrastructure landscape changes. Today’s hybrid IT world is more complex and dynamic every day—making it humanly impossible for IT Ops to manage infrastructure. That’s where AIOps comes in.

AIOps addresses IT Ops’ pressing challenges of detecting issues before they become real problems, identifying root causes and responding rapidly. But with all the chatter about AIOps, automation and event correlation, it’s tricky to know where to start.

Our white paper from Intellyx and industry analyst Charles Araujo explains where to begin. In it. you’ll learn more about:

  • Understanding the AIOps landscape
  • Event correlation as the center of AIOps
  • And getting your data right to set you up for AIOps success

Download the paper to learn why—despite the clear success stories from organizations using AIOps—there is still hesitancy to embrace it. You’ll learn how to start your AIOps journey in the right place.