Prevent outages from becoming the bane of the digital economy

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Modern IT environments generate a flood of noise. This noise slows down IT Ops’ ability to detect problems—ultimately leading to outages. AIOps platforms cut through this noise, helping operators answer the fundamental question behind preventing these outages: What changed?

IT Ops teams experience thousands of changes—to infrastructure, code, apps and systems, and other elements of the IT environment—every week, all with the potential to impact the customer experience. A comprehensive AIOps strategy should be a central part of every organization’s operational resiliency effort. Without it, enterprises must manually sift through all the changes across a number of different tools just to identify the change that caused the outage. This takes time—and every second of downtime impacts not only customers but also the business at large.

Download the Intellyx white paper to discover why AIOps has become the primary tool for eliminating and preventing outages—and how BigPanda’s AIOps Event Correlation and Automation platform helps enable digital transformation success.