Using a data-driven approach to streamline and accelerate incident response

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As if IT Ops leaders don’t have enough on their plates today, they also have to prove their business value and link their teams’ accomplishments to concrete outcomes. (Like overcoming complex, siloed data isn’t enough!)

If you’ve got this challenge, our upcoming webinar is for you. Join Adam Blau and Shmeff Efroni from BigPanda, who will discuss BigPanda’s best practices to identify the impact of alert quality and noise reduction that translate into business value for IT Ops.

You’ll learn about new analytical and self-service capabilities from BigPanda’s Unified Analytics to help you capture new insights from your IT Ops.

Adam Blau, Director of Product Marketing, BigPanda
Shmeff Efroni, Vice President Business Value Solutions, BigPanda

This is your opportunity to learn how to link IT Ops’ work with valuable outcomes for your business.

The Speakers

Adam Blau

Director of Product Marketing

Shmeff Efroni

Vice President Business Value Solutions