Real Talk about AIOps

Duration: 30 minutes

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As an IT leader, you’re likely considering moving toward automation to improve IT Operations. But how can you be sure your organization is ready to take on an AIOps project? It can be difficult to know if your business is mature enough to successfully move to and execute on AIOps with all the moving parts involved.

In this on-demand webinar, Abbott Laboratories’ Jeremy Bragg and BigPanda’s Craig Ferrara will give you a peek behind the IT Operations curtain so you can gauge where your organization sits from a maturity standpoint. This session is vital for any IT leader who wants to identify the areas that need improvement in order to successfully automate operations.

Jeremy and Craig will share:

  • The 5 components of AIOps maturity
  • The essential IT Operations metrics that indicate maturity
  • How to tell where your organization sits in those areas from a maturity standpoint

The Speakers

Craig Ferrara

Head of Value and Adoption

Jeremy Bragg

Infrastructure Tools Architect at Abbott Laboratories