Top 5 Predictions for IT Ops in 2022

Duration: 45 minutes

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In this lively panel discussion, IT Operations leaders from PlayStation and Blackrock 3 Partners, as well as the President of StarCIO, reveal their predictions for the IT automation market and dispel myths that may be misleading IT leaders today.

Topics covered in this 45-minute session include:

  • How to shift IT Ops from a choke point to a continuous and actionable data flow
  • The effects of accelerating automation
  • How CIOs and other IT leadership positions are evolving


  • Ben Narramore, Director of Service Management, PlayStation
  • Rob Schnepp, Partner, Blackrock 3 Partners
  • Isaac Sacolick, President, StarCIO

Moderator: Anirban Chatterjee, Sr. Director Product Marketing, BigPanda

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The Speakers

Ben Narramore

Director of Service Management

Rob Schnepp

Blackrock 3 Partners

Isaac Sacolick