BigPanda Webinar - Is AIOps the operating system for digital transformation?

Duration: 30 minutes

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As an IT leader, you’re expected to usher your business through digital transformation quickly and efficiently – without sacrificing reliability or performance. This is a tall order.

To build more apps, integrate SaaS, and modernize legacy systems – all while maintaining uptime – requires an innovative approach. As a result, forward-looking organizations are turning to machine learning and automation.

Listen to this 30-minute on-demand webinar where Isaac Sacolick, President and Founder of StarCIO will reveal:

  • Industry-first, original research on how and why businesses are looking to AIOps to stay competitive
  • How AIOps is enabling the rapid deployment of transformational technologies
  • How some organizations have been able to innovate without sacrificing reliability or performance
  • Intriguing statistics on how IT Ops teams are using AIOps to make a significant operational impact

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The Speakers

Isaac Sacolick


Mohan Kompella

VP of Product Marketing