On-demand webinar: Cross-domain enrichment for AIOps: the linchpin or a landmine?

Duration: 30 minutes

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Most organizations have 15+ observability and monitoring tools which produce thousands of alerts, in a staggering array of formats, making it impossible for IT Ops teams to sift through those alerts, and detect incidents in real-time before an incident turns into an outage.

This is why many teams embark on an AIOps journey which includes event correlation and root cause analysis - but without a solid plan for enriching event data, early AIOPs efforts can fail.

Watch this 30-minute BigPanda webinar and find out why event enrichment is either a landmine or linchpin for successful AIOPs efforts.

First, you will hear from Sid Roy, VP of Operations and Client Support at Scicom, who will explain why many AIOps projects fail to live up to their promise because alerts don’t get enriched with operational, topological or other contextual data, making it difficult to separate noisy alerts from meaningful alerts, and then eliminate the noise.

Next, meet Samy Senthivel, Sr. Digital Enterprise Monitoring Services Manager at AutoDesk. Learn how his team uses technology to structure their event data and add more context to alerts so their Operations team can triage issues quickly and achieve better alert compression rates.

Moderated by Anirban Chatterjee, Director of Product Marketing at BigPanda, this conversation will leave you with important things to consider as you evaluate AIOps solutions.

The Speakers

Samy Senthivel

Sr. Digital Enterprise Monitoring Services Manager,

Sid Roy

VP – Operations and Client Support,

Anirban Chatterjee

Director of Product Marketing,