Enrichment for faster event correlation and root cause analysis

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Modern IT environments are incredibly complex and experience frequent, painful and long incidents and outages. AIOps tools can help, but one critical and foundational element of successful AIOps is enrichment.

What is enrichment?

Enrichment is the process of adding contextual information to IT alerts using data that is either buried in the alerts themselves or held in external sources of topological or operational data.

Why is enrichment so critical?

Without enrichment, your AIOps tools will struggle to make sense of incoming data. The AI/ML technology powering your AIOps tools will struggle to create high-quality incidents. Incidents that lack valuable, actionable context result in frequent, long and painful incidents and outages. You will be no better off than you were before your AIOps investment.

This white paper will explain:

  • What enrichment is, the context of AIOps
  • Why enrichment matters
  • What enrichment does to improve the yield of AIOps efforts
  • How to evaluate enrichment capabilities that are part of AIOps tools

Download the white paper here.