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Hybrid IT Infrastructure Management Vendor Landscape

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“Businesses are reliant more than ever on IT for the delivery of their business objectives and need rapid and accurate analysis of the data not only to resolve IT problems quickly, but also to start predicting potential problems and remediating problems autonomously.”

The rapid changes taking place in IT for enterprises and vendors present new challenges. As a result, Hybrid IT Infrastructure Management (HIM) encompasses Digital Experience Management (DEM), IT Service Management (ITSM), as well as the traditional data center, networking and application performance management.

End-to-end visibility needs to encompass multiple end-user channels, takes in edge based IoT devices, cross public cloud networks and global value chains as well as more traditional on-premises data centre architecture.

With ever expanding infrastructure and constant change and innovation, the only way to ensure availability and performance is to leverage best-of-breed monitoring and management tools and an AIOps event correlations and automation hub.

In this market review paper, Hybrid IT Infrastructure Management Vendor Landscape, Bevan provides an in-depth look at:

  • Changing business and technology drivers
  • Monitoring and management challenges facing IT operations departments
  • Classification of organizations IT environments and tasks IT needs to perform to help evaluate vendor capabilities
  • The importance of system engagement and automation when choosing a vendor solution
  • Future trends in the vendor market

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