Event Correlation and Automation - The Valuable Heart of AIOps

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Whether your organization is using on-prem legacy infrastructure or is one of the many that have hybrid or public multi-cloud IT infrastructure, the challenges to optimizing performance and ensuring business continuity are daunting.

The author of the Bloor’s new Spotlight paper, Paul Bevan, Research Director: IT Infrastructure at Bloor writes that in addition to normal challenges associated with maintaining Service Level Agreements (SLAs), “the Covid-19 pandemic is challenging newly remote IT operations teams to reduce alert noise and other inefficiencies out of their workflows.”

The Spotlight Paper, “Event Correlation and Automation – The Valuable Heart of AIOps” examines the role of automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in today’s IT organization.

Written for IT Operations Directors, their staff and associated business managers, Bevan:

  • Explains Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) and its best use cases;
  • Provides detailed insight into Event Correlation and Automation;
  • Breaks down AIOps into three components: Data Integration, Trusted Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation;
  • Recommends types of solutions to deploy for quicker and more cost-effective benefits.

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