IT Ops in 2021: what’s ahead!

Four predictions for IT Ops in 2021:
What’s important in the COVID-driven marketplace

Prior to the COVID pandemic, organizations knew that digital transformation had to be part of their growth strategy. However, each sector and organization created their own timeline for when such initiatives would be undertaken.

What we have learned from the COVID-driven economy is that there is no time for delay. Organizations have to digitally transform every part of their organization to thrive.

BigPanda executives, along with IT leaders from NTT Data, WEC Energy Group and Machinify, identified four areas for IT Ops to focus on in 2021. Some of the questions we answer are:

  • How does IT ops work effectively from home?
  • Is there time for manual processes and errors?
  • Can automation give you and your employees a better quality of life?
  • How can IT become more vital to the business this year?
  • Will your company be around at the end of 2021?

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