On-demand webinar: Avoid the Dangers of Monolithic “all-in-one” IT Ops Suites

Duration: 30 minutes

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There is a persistent myth in a relatively common word in tech - “suite.” The suggestion is that it’s a group that can operate as one cohesive entity. Vendors have been slinging IT Ops “suites” for years and customers have assumed that the supposed one-size-fits-all IT Ops monolith can help them.

Join BigPanda’s VP of Product Marketing, Mohan Kompella and Jason Walker, Field CTO for a 30-minute interactive discussion on the hindrances that Fortune 1000 and Global 5000 enterprises currently face with monolithic IT operations suites, including:

  • Uncertain outcomes even after multi-year deployment cycles,
  • Mediocre results that negatively impact critical MTTx metrics,
  • The disruption that results from rip-and-replace projects,
  • Learning to live with the monolith’s limitations, and
  • Excessive dependence on a single vendor.

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The Speakers

Jason Walker

Field CTO

Mohan Kompella

Vice President, Product Marketing