On a daily basis, IT Ops teams deal with unresponsive applications, service outages and worse. The difference between chaotic and well-run incident management requires clarity in three areas:

  1. How efficiently the Level 1 team can assess the impact and determine the root cause
  2. How rapidly they can engage with the right team to address the issue
  3. How effectively IT Ops communications with their business partners and/or customers while service is being restored

IT incident management:
when duct tape and bandaids won’t help anymore

Sid Roy, VP of Client Services at Scicom, and Anirban Chatterjee, BigPanda Director of Product Marketing, examine how to define incident/operational roles and clearly communicate processes well before such an event, resulting in a well-coordinated team to restore service as quickly as possible.

Key learnings from this session include:
  • Designing the proper incident management workflow for minor and major incidents
  • Identifying the right set of observability and collaboration to support the incident management lifecycle
  • Understanding the role automation can play in reducing manual, error-prone steps that increase risk and tie up resources

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    Sid Roy

    VP – Operations & Client Support Scicom Infrastructure Services

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    Anirban Chatterjee

    Director, Product Marketing BigPanda

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