Monitoring tool sprawl threatens an I&O leader’s ability to successfully detect and correct issues that can prevent digital business success. And for many, AIOps is the promised land.

If you have an AIOps initiative, read Gartner’s perspectives on some of the ways those projects can fail:

  • IT operations teams seeking a solution to address different maturity levels, from basic event management to the ability to troubleshoot and perform root cause analysis
  • Lack of a centralized dashboard for IT operations heads and business with the ability to drill down into details as and when is needed
  • Use noise suppression to speed root-cause analysis
  • Limited collaboration across various teams due to territorial, political or vendor preferences


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    Henry Richardson

    VP Marketing Acme Corp

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    Corabelle Durrad

    VP Marketing Acme Corp

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    Sarah Conners

    VP Marketing Acme Corp

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