The Incident Commander

The title of “Incident Commander” means different things to different people.

In the second installment of this four-part series on Who’s who in IT Incident management, Rob Schnepp, former Incident Commander from the United States Fire Service and Paul Jacques, Incident Commander for Dell, will examine what it takes to be an effective Incident Commander.

Hosted by BigPanda AVP of Sales Engineering, Iain Armstrong, we discuss the need for calm, directed, and cooperative discussions, and how to interact with the various stakeholders involved in the incident management life cycle, including the Liaison Officer, Scribe, subject matter experts, customers, executives and internal stakeholders.

Key learnings from this session will include:
  • The many hats of an IT Incident Commander
  • Owning the position in your own head
  • Leaving the fear of failure behind
  • Lessons learned at the school of hard knocks!

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    Rob Schnepp

    General Partner Blackrock 3

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    Iain Armstrong

    AVP Sales Engineering BigPanda

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